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Pandánte (Second Edition)
Pandánte (Second Edition)

Pandánte (Second Edition)

Sirlin Games
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MSRP: $39.99
Product Code: SIRPAND06
Product Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.125 x 2
Product Weight: 1.85 lbs.
Case Quantity: 10
Case Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 10.5
Case Weight: 18.6 lbs.

Players: 2 - 6 • Playing Time: 30 • Age: 13+

Pandánte is a light-hearted, Panda-themed gambling game with an emphasis on lying. Players lie about their hands all the time, and that's half the fun. It's also suitable to play for real money and has a higher skill ceiling than Human Poker. (Yes, really!)

It's a little bit like the Human Poker game Texas Hold'em, but you get to improve your hand with "snacks" cards, lie about your hand, and cause mischief with a few simple abilities. You don't have to fold nearly as much as in Human Poker, and there's no Panda-elimination either, so everyone can play the whole time.

If you're new to Pandánte, this new Second Edition base set has the Light & Dark expansion content built right in!

This expansion adds tons of content to the game while simplifying the base game. There are now fewer rules than the earlier version of the game, and it's faster to teach and faster to play.

You can choose how much complexity you want by mixing and matching the many new game modes such as Casino cards, Panda Champions, Diamond Dreams mode, and the Light & Dark abilities.