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AFFLICTION: Salem 1692 – Tactics Card Add-on Pack

AFFLICTION: Salem 1692 – Tactics Card Add-on Pack

DPH Games
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MSRP: $2.99
Product Code: DPHTD42
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Manufactured in: China
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Players: 2 - 4 • Playing Time: 30 - 60 • Age: 12+

This Kickstarter bonus pack of eight cards (plus one rule card) gives players the option to purchase colonist enhancements.

The eight cards are shuffled and two are turned face up. A player may send a messenger to assign a tactic card to a colonist.

Cards include such traits as Opposition, Rumors, Political Maneuvering, Petition, Rousing Speech, and Pardon from the Governor.

They were initially added to Kickstarter copies of the base game in a separate package. They are still handed out by the publisher at conventions.